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Aktualisiert: 19. Apr. 2021

Hey Everybody! I am Max and the founder of Matter & Mind.

Currently, I am studying Sport Science at the Technical University of Munich and moving towards the end of my studies. In addition, I am working as a personal trainer at Kieser Training for more than 3 years now. Besides, I already have worked as a soccer trainer at the Hamburger SV football school during an internship, as a scientific intern in sports medicine, and as a ski instructor. In this time I have generated a lot of knowledge about health and its components: nutrition, training, and spirit. That is the reason why I decided to name my new project Matter & Mind. Because for me it is very important to stay in a balanced unit with my body and my mind. Not only to feel healthy and good. But also to master all challenges that are waiting for me in my whole life. Some might also think why I keep the website in English although I am actually a native german speaker. I think everybody in the world should have the possibility to read the posts, discussions, and co. On the one hand to have a larger and more widespread discussion here. On the other hand, is health a good that should be available for everyone.

As you have seen and read, I have divided my website into three different topics: nutrition, training, and spirit. Every week we will deal with one specific topic for the entire week so that we can cover all areas of this topic as far as possible. Normally, every Monday you will get a scientific article about this theme which always deals with one of the three pillars of health. Each post has the following structure: I start with a short instruction which is then followed by a summary of the current scientific knowledge about this topic and in the end, I summarize the most important facts. The used scientific sources, as well as additional literature about the topic, are always added below so that you also have the opportunity to find out more. Then, every Wednesday I post a new recipe on my website which can be a breakfast alternative, a healthy recipe, or a snack. You get access to all of my recipes under the theme of nutrition. On Friday you will get more practical content about the weekly theme so that you can also apply what you have read. That can be something like a manual, training plan, meditation recommendation, and so on. You can then always see the contribution under the corresponding category (nutrition, training, spirit). You will understand exactly how the structure looks like after the next two weeks.

This week I imagined introducing myself in general. Also, I wanted to explain my website and describe my whole plan behind every week. Next week it really starts with the first topic "Ice Bathing". What are the health benefits and also What are the risk factors?! All this and more will be discussed there. I am looking forward to present you this topic!

I hope we have fun together and nice discussions here about every topic. I am happy to get your feedback about my self-instruction. Don´t forget to follow me on Instagram at _matterandmind_, to be always up to date, and to be the first to know about new posts and events.

Let´s do it! Max

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